Employer Retirement Consulting


CAP Guidelines
The CAP Guidelines are intended to outline and clarify the rights and responsibilities of sponsors, service providers and members, and to ensure the members are provided the information and assistance that they need to make investment decisions in a capital accumulation plan.

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Monitoring & Reviewing
  • Independent Advice
  • Governance Officer
  • Pension Committee

Plan Governance
Governance starts with a process of defined expectations within a framework of process, evaluation, and performance monitoring. The purpose of retirement program governance is to employ best practices and forward thinking to meet the fiduciary expectations of all plan stakeholders (plan members, corporation, and shareholders) and to continuously review current practices to continuously evolve a better program.

Success without governance is often called “chance” and unquestionably, “chance” is not a successful business model element. The MultiCare Group provides a structured and customized ongoing governance support so your organization and your employees can get the most out of your retirement income program, better understanding, better value and better results.

Plan & Carrier Management

  • Annual Governance Review Summary – an outline of the services completed for the year
  • Facilitate periodic retirement committee meetings agenda, notes, and follow up process
  • Document roles and responsibilities of fiduciaries (plan sponsor, consultant and carrier)
  • Plan document, audit and reporting support
  • Ongoing review and evaluation of carrier and services and benchmark pricing
  • RFP search and transition services for carrier changes

Plan Design
Optimized plan design for your organization based on corporate objectives, employee demographics, employee distribution, industry position and plan design management requirements.

Coordination of building a new program, managing existing plans, consolidation of existing programs and plan design for conversion for Capital Accumulation and Defined Benefits programs.

Investment Policy
Establish a Retirement Philosophy Statement for the program that is linked to the program investment policy and performance criteria for fund selection and monitoring element.

Develop and monitor appropriate performance benchmarks and asset class criteria including fund performance thresholds and replacement / review structure.

Employee Communication

  • Assist plan members to understand, value, and maximize the program
  • Benchmark and evaluate plan engagement level to corporate goals
  • Deliver customized communication sessions in addition to newsletters

Performance Measurements

  • Fund performance reporting with investment policy benchmark pass/fail indicators plus qualitative fund manager reporting & evaluation
  • Proprietary fund manager evaluation software

Retirement Planning

  • Licensed advisors to assist plan members as they approach retirement
  • Group retirement workshops
  • Portfolio construction / review
  • Individual investment counseling


  • Increase Employee Participation
  • Increase Employee Awareness
  • Increase Communication
  • Increase Administration Efficiency
  • Educate
  • Support
  • Ensure the best products, services, and personalized professional advice to all plan members

IPP Advantages:

  • Allows for larger tax deductions
  • Increase retirement assets; large tax deductible corporate contributions
  • Safer investment rules
  • Allows for additional tax deductible contributions if plan assets rate of return are less than 7.5%
  • Pension Plan surpluses belong to the member
  • Pre-determined retirement benefits
  • 100% creditor proofing
  • No deemed disposition of plan assets upon death, provide benefits to surviving members

RCA Key Benefits

  • Flexibility, non locked in funds
  • Creditor Proof
  • Ability to Leverage
  • Exempt from Payroll taxes
  • Taxation only occurs at the time of withdrawal and on the residence of member
  • Defer money to a time and place of ones own choosing